“The Lagos Rotarian” newsletter, published by the Rotary Club of Lagos, offers a detailed overview of the club’s activities for the month of August, designated as Membership and New Club Development Month by Rotary International. The newsletter underscores the significance of showcasing Rotary’s impact by encouraging members to bring guests to meetings, emphasizing Rotary International’s vast network of 1.4 million members. The content includes a table of contents, a welcome note from the club president, and engaging photo stories capturing recent meetings and events.

Key activities highlighted in the August newsletter include:

  1. Membership and New Club Development Month: The newsletter actively promotes the importance of this theme, urging members to bring guests to club meetings, providing a firsthand experience of Rotary’s impact, and inviting them to join.
  2. Visit to Nigerian Army Reference Hospital: The club demonstrates its commitment to Maternal and Child Health Care Month by donating essential healthcare apparatus to the Nigerian Army Reference Hospital.
  3. Multi-Club Seminar: Members are informed about an upcoming multi-club seminar scheduled for August 24th, promoting collaboration and knowledge-sharing among different Rotary clubs.
  4. Polio Plus Seminar: Members receive information about a Polio Plus seminar to be held at the district office on August 25th, highlighting Rotary’s ongoing efforts to eradicate polio.
  5. Birthday Celebrations: The newsletter acknowledges and announces August’s birthday celebrants, fostering a sense of community and celebration among club members.

To encourage members to bring guests, the Rotary Club of Lagos implements several strategies:

  • Promotion: Actively promoting the significance of Membership and New Club Development Month.
  • Personal Invitations: Encouraging members to personally invite friends, family, colleagues, and business partners to attend meetings.
  • Networking Opportunities: Providing platforms for members to connect with guests and introducing them to other Rotarians during meetings.
  • Sharing Success Stories: Encouraging members to share impactful Rotary project stories during meetings to inspire guests.
  • Engaging Presentations: Inviting guest speakers to provide informative and engaging presentations showcasing Rotary’s work and positive impact.
  • Follow-up and Support: Members follow up with guests after meetings, addressing questions and providing support in the membership process, creating a personalized and supportive experience.

Through these strategies, the Rotary Club of Lagos aims to create a welcoming and inclusive environment, motivating guests to become active members and contributing to Rotary’s mission of making a positive difference in communities.