March Bulletin

Rotary Club of Lagos Activities:

    • Engaged in impactful initiatives focusing on Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene.

    • Emphasized collaboration and partnerships for community betterment.

    • Highlighted successful projects like the installation of fans in schools.

  • Leadership and Service:

    • Encouraged members to embrace Rotary’s principles of service above self.

    • Stressed the importance of intergenerational synergy for club success.

    • Acknowledged the dedication of members like Adetunji Lamidi and Ayo Kasumu.

  • Business Meeting Highlights:

    • Addressed issues like membership recruitment and project execution.

    • Emphasized financial obligations and the need for active participation.

    • Shared prayers and guiding principles of Rotary.

  • Member Recognition:

    • Acknowledged the contributions of members like Wale Agbeyangi and Ifeoma Williams.

    • Encouraged continued dedication to Rotary’s mission and values.


February Bulletin

  • Achieved first position in district for public image efforts

  • Challenges include better committee participation

  • Suggestions: Media education for members, monthly bulletin

  • Peace building strategies discussed

  • Financial contributions and goals highlighted

  • Renovation committee updates and partnership efforts

  • Issues of governance, religion, and fake news impact on conflicts addressedDOOWNLOAD

October 2023 Bulletin

The Lagos Rotarian, the official publication of the Rotary Club of Lagos, provides updates on the club’s activities and achievements. In October 2023, the club organized a health walk to raise awareness about the need to eliminate polio and maintain Nigeria’s polio-free status. They also awarded a microcredit loan to the Ifako Women Traders Union for the second time, supporting local businesses and reducing poverty. The publication emphasizes the importance of donations to the Rotary Foundation, which help create possibilities for improving lives and futures. The Rotary Club of Lagos also celebrated birthdays, elevations, and launched publications during the month. The president encourages members to fulfill their financial obligations and contribute to various funds.

The minutes of the weekly fellowship meetings of the Rotary Club of Lagos held on October 4th and October 11th, 2023 were discussed. President Abiodun Role gave updates on various club activities, including the elevation of members aged 85 and above to honorary level, the redistricting of the club, and the success of the outing at St. Thomas Aquinas school. The treasurer also presented the financial report, highlighting the various contributions and payments made. Other topics discussed included the Rotary Day of Service, the children’s party, and the trustees of the club. The meetings ended with appreciation and announcements, including the Rotary Foundation Dinner and the plans for the Polio eradication campaign.

The Rotary Club of Lagos held its weekly regular meeting on October 11th, 2023. The meeting included presentations by the chair of the Rotary Foundation, the launch of a book by a member, and updates on the President’s dinner. There was also a donation to charity levied on members. Additionally, the Rotary Club of Lagos partnered with fintech company Herconomy to host an event celebrating the International Day of the Girl Child and engaged in a Polio awareness walk. The club emphasized its commitment to service and community development.

Rotary provides ideas for effective partnership engagements and community development projects, including partnering with local NGOs and nonprofits, establishing vocational training programs, supporting education and literacy initiatives, and implementing health and sanitation projects. Other suggestions include participating in clean water and sanitation projects, promoting microfinance and entrepreneurship programs, engaging in environmental conservation projects, and supporting hunger alleviation initiatives. Rotary also recommends establishing youth development programs, supporting the elderly, investing in infrastructure development, and promoting local businesses. Additionally, Rotary encourages advocacy and awareness campaigns, cross-club collaborations, measuring impact and long-term sustainability, and forming public-private partnerships. The summary also mentions the process of proposing new members to a Rotary club and the history of women in Rotary.


September 2023 Bulletin

The Rotary Club of Lagos is a dedicated organization committed to several key areas of focus, including promoting basic education and literacy, reducing gender disparity in education, and increasing adult literacy. The club disseminates information through its magazine, Lagos Rotarian, which covers a wide range of content, including articles, quotes, jokes, and photo stories from club meetings. The magazine serves as a comprehensive source of updates on the club’s activities.

The primary areas of focus for The Rotary Club of Lagos are:

  1. Promoting High Ethical Standards: The club is committed to upholding high ethical standards in business and professions, fostering integrity and responsibility.
  2. Encouraging Acquaintance Development: The club sees acquaintance development as an opportunity for service, emphasizing the importance of building relationships to better serve the community.
  3. Applying the Ideal of Service: The ideal of service is integrated into every Rotarian’s personal, business, and community life, reflecting a commitment to making a positive impact.
  4. Advocating for Basic Education and Literacy: The club actively supports basic education and literacy through various projects and initiatives, recognizing the importance of education in community development.
  5. Supporting Polio Eradication Efforts: The Rotary Club of Lagos contributes to polio eradication through donations and fundraising, aligning with Rotary International’s global efforts to eliminate polio.
  6. Providing Relief and Support: The club extends its reach beyond education to provide relief and support to communities affected by natural disasters, exemplified by their involvement in assisting with the Marrakesh earthquake.

The Lagos Rotarian magazine is a comprehensive publication featuring various sections, including the Editor-in-Chief’s note, President’s welcome note, minutes of club meetings, quotes and jokes, featured articles on the importance of education, photo stories of meetings, Rotarian in focus, business meeting updates, and a list of September celebrants. This multifaceted magazine not only captures the essence of the club’s diverse activities but also highlights its commitment to education, literacy, and community service.


August 2023 Bulletin

“The Lagos Rotarian” newsletter, published by the Rotary Club of Lagos, offers a detailed overview of the club’s activities for the month of August, designated as Membership and New Club Development Month by Rotary International. The newsletter underscores the significance of showcasing Rotary’s impact by encouraging members to bring guests to meetings, emphasizing Rotary International’s vast network of 1.4 million members. The content includes a table of contents, a welcome note from the club president, and engaging photo stories capturing recent meetings and events.

Key activities highlighted in the August newsletter include:

  1. Membership and New Club Development Month: The newsletter actively promotes the importance of this theme, urging members to bring guests to club meetings, providing a firsthand experience of Rotary’s impact, and inviting them to join.
  2. Visit to Nigerian Army Reference Hospital: The club demonstrates its commitment to Maternal and Child Health Care Month by donating essential healthcare apparatus to the Nigerian Army Reference Hospital.
  3. Multi-Club Seminar: Members are informed about an upcoming multi-club seminar scheduled for August 24th, promoting collaboration and knowledge-sharing among different Rotary clubs.
  4. Polio Plus Seminar: Members receive information about a Polio Plus seminar to be held at the district office on August 25th, highlighting Rotary’s ongoing efforts to eradicate polio.
  5. Birthday Celebrations: The newsletter acknowledges and announces August’s birthday celebrants, fostering a sense of community and celebration among club members.

To encourage members to bring guests, the Rotary Club of Lagos implements several strategies:

  • Promotion: Actively promoting the significance of Membership and New Club Development Month.
  • Personal Invitations: Encouraging members to personally invite friends, family, colleagues, and business partners to attend meetings.
  • Networking Opportunities: Providing platforms for members to connect with guests and introducing them to other Rotarians during meetings.
  • Sharing Success Stories: Encouraging members to share impactful Rotary project stories during meetings to inspire guests.
  • Engaging Presentations: Inviting guest speakers to provide informative and engaging presentations showcasing Rotary’s work and positive impact.
  • Follow-up and Support: Members follow up with guests after meetings, addressing questions and providing support in the membership process, creating a personalized and supportive experience.

Through these strategies, the Rotary Club of Lagos aims to create a welcoming and inclusive environment, motivating guests to become active members and contributing to Rotary’s mission of making a positive difference in communities.


July 2023 Bulletin

“The Lagos Rotarian” is a publication that serves as a comprehensive update on the activities of the Rotary Club of Lagos. The current issue highlights the club’s dedication to maternal and child health, featuring articles and information related to this theme. Specifically, the publication covers the club’s project supporting Maternal and Child Health at the Military Hospital in Yaba. In addition, there is a noteworthy partnership with the Nigerian Society for the Blind to address their unique needs.

The issue includes minutes from business and board meetings, along with captivating photo stories capturing the month’s activities. The president’s welcome note sets the tone, emphasizing the importance of emotional support for new mothers. Throughout the publication, various members of the Rotary Club of Lagos are spotlighted for their significant contributions to Rotary. Notable leaders include Olusola Adenuga (Chair, Environment), Olayinka Oladunjoye (Chair, Installation Ceremony), Toki Mabogunje (Chair, World Understanding Day), Eki Eboigbe (Chair, Micro-Credit), Abayomi Adeyeri (Chair, Fundraising), Damilola Timson (Chair, Rotary Day Service), Monisola Adanijo (Chair, Polio), Olusola Bob-Egbe (Chair, Family Health), and AG Ehi Braimah (Chief Adviser/DEI).

These members hold diverse leadership positions within the club, contributing to environmental initiatives, community service projects, fundraising efforts, and advocacy for polio eradication. Together, their efforts align with Rotary’s mission to make a positive impact on the community, showcasing the club’s commitment to service and collaboration.