The Rotary Club of Lagos is a dedicated organization committed to several key areas of focus, including promoting basic education and literacy, reducing gender disparity in education, and increasing adult literacy. The club disseminates information through its magazine, Lagos Rotarian, which covers a wide range of content, including articles, quotes, jokes, and photo stories from club meetings. The magazine serves as a comprehensive source of updates on the club’s activities.

The primary areas of focus for The Rotary Club of Lagos are:

  1. Promoting High Ethical Standards: The club is committed to upholding high ethical standards in business and professions, fostering integrity and responsibility.
  2. Encouraging Acquaintance Development: The club sees acquaintance development as an opportunity for service, emphasizing the importance of building relationships to better serve the community.
  3. Applying the Ideal of Service: The ideal of service is integrated into every Rotarian’s personal, business, and community life, reflecting a commitment to making a positive impact.
  4. Advocating for Basic Education and Literacy: The club actively supports basic education and literacy through various projects and initiatives, recognizing the importance of education in community development.
  5. Supporting Polio Eradication Efforts: The Rotary Club of Lagos contributes to polio eradication through donations and fundraising, aligning with Rotary International’s global efforts to eliminate polio.
  6. Providing Relief and Support: The club extends its reach beyond education to provide relief and support to communities affected by natural disasters, exemplified by their involvement in assisting with the Marrakesh earthquake.

The Lagos Rotarian magazine is a comprehensive publication featuring various sections, including the Editor-in-Chief’s note, President’s welcome note, minutes of club meetings, quotes and jokes, featured articles on the importance of education, photo stories of meetings, Rotarian in focus, business meeting updates, and a list of September celebrants. This multifaceted magazine not only captures the essence of the club’s diverse activities but also highlights its commitment to education, literacy, and community service.