The Lagos Rotarian, the official publication of the Rotary Club of Lagos, provides updates on the club’s activities and achievements. In October 2023, the club organized a health walk to raise awareness about the need to eliminate polio and maintain Nigeria’s polio-free status. They also awarded a microcredit loan to the Ifako Women Traders Union for the second time, supporting local businesses and reducing poverty. The publication emphasizes the importance of donations to the Rotary Foundation, which help create possibilities for improving lives and futures. The Rotary Club of Lagos also celebrated birthdays, elevations, and launched publications during the month. The president encourages members to fulfill their financial obligations and contribute to various funds.

The minutes of the weekly fellowship meetings of the Rotary Club of Lagos held on October 4th and October 11th, 2023 were discussed. President Abiodun Role gave updates on various club activities, including the elevation of members aged 85 and above to honorary level, the redistricting of the club, and the success of the outing at St. Thomas Aquinas school. The treasurer also presented the financial report, highlighting the various contributions and payments made. Other topics discussed included the Rotary Day of Service, the children’s party, and the trustees of the club. The meetings ended with appreciation and announcements, including the Rotary Foundation Dinner and the plans for the Polio eradication campaign.

The Rotary Club of Lagos held its weekly regular meeting on October 11th, 2023. The meeting included presentations by the chair of the Rotary Foundation, the launch of a book by a member, and updates on the President’s dinner. There was also a donation to charity levied on members. Additionally, the Rotary Club of Lagos partnered with fintech company Herconomy to host an event celebrating the International Day of the Girl Child and engaged in a Polio awareness walk. The club emphasized its commitment to service and community development.

Rotary provides ideas for effective partnership engagements and community development projects, including partnering with local NGOs and nonprofits, establishing vocational training programs, supporting education and literacy initiatives, and implementing health and sanitation projects. Other suggestions include participating in clean water and sanitation projects, promoting microfinance and entrepreneurship programs, engaging in environmental conservation projects, and supporting hunger alleviation initiatives. Rotary also recommends establishing youth development programs, supporting the elderly, investing in infrastructure development, and promoting local businesses. Additionally, Rotary encourages advocacy and awareness campaigns, cross-club collaborations, measuring impact and long-term sustainability, and forming public-private partnerships. The summary also mentions the process of proposing new members to a Rotary club and the history of women in Rotary.